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Our Firm

Our Experience

Our attorneys worked for many years in private practice and government service before opening Dugan Schlozman.  Our experience includes commercial litigation, environmental enforcement litigation, commercial insurance and reinsurance coverage matters, unpaid overtime and other wage litigation, employment discrimination, and consumer protection litigation.

Our Philosophy

We believe in efficient resolution of problems.  Adversaries know we’ll take cases to trial if necessary, but we also look for creative ways to resolve disputes without litigation.  We pride ourselves on giving personal service.  If we represent you or your business, your case won’t be shuffled around from one lawyer to another.  We’ll return your calls promptly, we’ll keep you informed, and we’ll give you straight talk about the risks of litigation.

We see the practice of law as a service, not just a business.  We spend significant time representing the underrepresented, including low-income persons and those who have been harmed by pollution and abuse of the land, air, and water.

Our Fees

Our rates are competitive, especially compared to rates at large firms, because we keep our overhead low.  We bill fairly, and we provide detailed invoices so you know all the work we have done on your behalf.  We’re also open to alternative fee arrangements.

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